Susan Ahlborn

Omnia Associate Editor Susan Ahlborn has worked as a communications professional in healthcare and academia, and loves learning cool things and writing about them.

Kicking Off Summer With a Casual PWA Networking Event
The Professional Women’s Alliance Summer Networking Social is an annual way for students and alums to connect. Seventy women gathered at the Wilson Rose Garden in New York for the 2024 edition.
Numbers on the Brain
In trying to learn more about how our understanding of quantity and numbers develops, Francesca Luzzi, C’24, has been studying how children experience a perceptual illusion involving dots and lines. The results have been surprising.
Summer Reading Picks
Eleven faculty and lecturers from Penn Arts & Sciences share the books they’re reading now that the academic year has wound down.
Just Right
The certificate programs offered by the College of Liberal & Professional Studies fill an educational need for students who want to learn about an area but don’t need a full degree.
Tackling the Age (Research) Gap
GEAR UP provides students from underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds hands-on experience and mentoring to address a critical global challenge.
A College of Their Own
The first class of 11 students graduated from the College of Liberal Arts for Women in 1934. A look back at what life was like for these pioneers and the hundreds who followed.
From Connecting to Coaching
An array of opportunities for alums, faculty, and students to gather.
History on the River
John Kanbayashi’s new seminar frames the past not by time or place, but through a natural feature that humans use but can’t fully control.
Starting a Conversation about Data Careers
The College Alumni Mentoring Series partnered with the Data Driven Discovery Initiative and Career Services for a panel describing the jobs available in this ever-evolving field.
Origin Stories: Ayako Kano (Video)
Kano, a professor of Japanese studies, discusses her love of music and theater, her grandfather’s notebook, plus her path to academia and her notions of scholarship “as an art and as a way of life.”
Gearing Up for Research on Aging
GEAR UP, an initiative offered by the Population Aging Research Center and the Leonard Davis Institute, gives students from underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds hands-on experience and mentoring to address a global challenge.
Back on Campus to Pay It Forward
Professional Women’s Alliance career roundtables bring alumnae and students together.