Peter Struck Named Stephen A. Levin Family Dean of College of Arts & Sciences

Struck, a distinguished classicist, award-winning teacher, and innovative program leader, starts the new appointment on Aug. 1, 2024.

Numbers on the Brain

In trying to learn more about how our understanding of quantity and numbers develops, Francesca Luzzi, C’24, has been studying how children experience a perceptual illusion involving dots and lines. The results have been surprising.

Summer Reading Picks

Eleven faculty and lecturers from Penn Arts & Sciences share the books they’re reading now that the academic year has wound down.

A Safe Space for Difficult Conversations

How does representation in sexually explicit materials affect the well-being of people who identify as cisgender male, Asian American, and non-heterosexual? It’s a question Steven Chen, C’24, is on a quest to answer.

Addressing Tough Topics

The Living the Hard Promise dialogue series offers a chance for frank conversation about subjects from free speech on campuses to the role of universities.

Seizing the Moment

Spanning disciplines and geographies, Africana studies at Penn has emerged as a leader in the field.

Faculty Bookshelf

Recent books from Penn Arts & Sciences faculty in Music, Sociology, Africana studies, History and Sociology of Science, and History.

Office Artifacts: Jean-Christophe Cloutier

Discover the stories behind six prized items in the office of Cloutier, Associate Professor of English, including a poster signed by Adam West, a Charlie Chaplin figure, and a Star Trek bottle opener.

Medieval Manuscript

For the past year, Emily Steiner, Rose Family Endowed Term Professor of English, and a team of graduate students have transcribed, translated, and interpreted a scroll that chronicles the genealogy of Yorkist king Edward IV.

Affirming Our Purpose

A Message from Dean Steven J. Fluharty, Dean and Thomas S. Gates, Jr. Professor of Psychology, Pharmacology, and Neuroscience.

A Graduation Celebration for Penn Arts & Sciences

More than 2,200 students earned degrees from the College, the Graduate Division, and the College of Liberal & Professional Studies.

In Recognition of Outstanding Teaching

The 2024 honorees include 21 people from 11 departments and programs, five of whom received University-wide acknowledgement.

Online Content: Spring/Summer 2024

A small sampling of recent highlights, including videos about the Penn Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies, student David Kedeme, C’25, and the VIPER Class of 2024.

Paul Sniegowski Named President of Earlham College

He assumes the role on August 1 after 27 years at Penn, including heading undergraduate programs of the College since 2017.

From Connecting to Coaching

An array of opportunities for alums, faculty, and students to gather.