In the Classroom

History on the River

John Kanbayashi’s new seminar frames the past not by time or place, but through a natural feature that humans use but can’t fully control.

The Items Left Behind

In an undergraduate anthropology course, students learn archaeological fieldwork skills and unearth the story of a historic Black neighborhood in West Philadelphia.

Russia and the West

In an undergraduate course in Russian and East European studies, students tackle the question of Russian identity.

When Something Clicks

How Structured, Active, In-class Learning is changing the calculus on teaching.

The Management of Science

Students in the Vagelos Life Sciences and Management first-year proseminar get a deep-end introduction to how scientific discoveries can be brought to the market.

Fieldwork Experience, No Travel Required

During a two-week, in-person bootcamp at the Penn Museum, 11 undergrads learned basic archaeological skills in subjects from ceramics and sample-taking to archaeobotany.

Lessons Learned

After a year of teaching online, Penn Arts & Sciences faculty reflect on how they’ve made it work.

Outside Their Bubbles

The Undergraduate Data Science Hangout connects students and faculty across seemingly disparate disciplines.

My VIPER Summer

Students and professors in the Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research spent the summer in the lab.

Shooting for the Moon

In her Language and the Brain course, Kathryn Schuler, Assistant Professor of Linguistics, asked 30 undergrads to think big about big problems—and their solutions didn’t disappoint.

Thirteen Ways of Looking at America

OMNIA visits a history course that covers challenging moments in American history.

Live and Learn

Move-In Day for freshmen in the Integrated Studies Program was the beginning of a year of living and learning together.

A Meeting Of Minds

A new course brings together students from divergent disciplines with the hope of finding common ground.

Voter Motivations

Political Psychology course encourages students to challenge easy explanations.