Shaping the Future of Healthcare (Video)

Twenty seniors in the Roy and Diana Vagelos Program in Life Sciences & Management spent a year analyzing four novel medical advances from scientific and business perspectives. As part of their capstone presentations, the students shared their business plans.

60-Second Lectures: Living the Hard Promise (Video)

This spring, Penn Arts & Sciences’ long-running 60-Second Lectures and its new Living the Hard Promise series came together for a series of special lectures.

Penn Undergrads and Decision 2024 (Video)

From helping with exit polling to vote count data collection, students in the PORES program bring their skills to the NBC Decision Desk on election nights.

Meet the VIPER Class of 2024 (VIDEO)

From honing research interests and building relationships to Penn Electric Racing and SpaceX, graduating seniors in the Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research (VIPER) reflect on their experience in the dual-degree program.

Penn Arts & Sciences Pathways: David Kedeme, C'25 (Video)

Kedeme came to Penn curious about the brain and deepened his interest in neuroscience through lab internships and coursework.

Virtual Lightbulb Café: Faculty Book Series (Video)

In a new take on the Lightbulb Café, faculty authors discuss their books, describing the inspiration and research behind their work.

Origin Stories: Daniel Mindiola (Video)

The Brush Family Professor of Chemistry on being raised in a bilingual home, his journey from Venezuela to Michigan to MIT, and the importance of mentors.

Penn Arts & Sciences Pathways: Anusha Mathur, C'25 (Video)

Anusha Mathur, C’25, came to Penn with an interest in history and political science, and through her experiences in the College and Annenberg, discovered her passion for journalism and podcasting.

Knowledge by the Slice: Rethinking Electoral Maps (Video)

Mathematician Phillip Gressman and political scientist Daniel Hopkins discuss the latest research methods informing the creation of new voting district boundaries.

60-Second Lectures | Fall 2023 Roundup (Video)

This fall’s 60-Second Lectures included a special Constitution Day edition and 1.5 Minute Climate Lectures during Climate Week at Penn.

Penn Arts & Sciences Pathways: Brandon Anaya, C'24 (Video)

Anaya came to Penn with an interest in studying medicine, but his experiences in the College brought out a passion for English and cinema studies.

Penn Arts & Sciences Pathways: Sara Hansson, C'23, W'23 (Video)

Hansson intended to study earth science, but experiences at Penn allowed her instead to follow a passion for Medieval and Renaissance studies and pursue a law career.

60-Second Lectures: Spring 2023 Roundup (Video)

Topics range from antisemitism to genetic ancestry tests and race.

Origin Stories: Heather Love (Video)

The Professor of English on school as a stable place during a mobile childhood, her journey to academia via a furniture store, and her joy in discovering the many ways to study literature and work for justice.

Topping off the new home for energy science at Penn (VIDEO)

On February 3, 2023, P. Roy Vagelos, President Magill, and the Penn community celebrated the installation of the final beam of the Vagelos Laboratory for Energy Science and Technology.