Live and Learn

Move-In Day for freshmen in the Integrated Studies Program was the beginning of a year of living and learning together.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

By Susan Ahlborn

Penn welcomed 2,458 new freshmen this August. Just 74 of them had undergone a second application process to become Integrated Study Program (ISP) scholars, immersed in the great scope of the arts and sciences from their first days at Penn. ISP students live together in Riepe College House and take two innovative double-credit courses that ask them to consider broad topics from a range of perspectives in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. The year, the students will concentrate on decisions and learning with Karen Detlefsen, Professor of Philosophy, and Joseph Kable, Baird Term Associate Professor of Psychology. We captured some of their first days at Penn.

Top row, left: Kushal Modi, C'21, was attracted to ISP because “living in a smaller community will allow us to take our learning out of the classroom.” Right: Riepe House move-in day. Bottom row, left: Graduate Associate Hector Kilgoe, C'15, GR'27 (standing), with students at their first hall meeting. Right: Roommates Sieun Lee, C'21 (left), and Sydney Lewis, C'21.

“By looking through different lenses, we can see similarities and use those connections to solve universal issues.” - Sydney Lewis, C'21

Top row, left: Karen Detlefsen, Professor of Philosophy and 2017–18 ISP Director (second from left), talks with (from left) Mariko Lewis, C'21, and Michiyah Collins, C'21. Right: In the lab of Joseph Kable, Baird Term Associate Professor of Psychology, research specialist Kameron MacNear gets Samuel Kaufmann, C'21, ready for a functional MRI, a way to view the brain. Bottom: Joseph Kable, Baird Term Professor of Psychology, greets students in their first class.