A Summer Studying the Mind and Brain (Video)

MindCORE's intensive summer fellowship program lets Penn undergrads work with researchers.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Video by Alex Schein

How does deprivation affect a child’s brain? How do toddlers learn languages? Penn undergraduates design and conduct experiments to learn more about the mind and brain in MindCORE’s summer fellowship program, where they work directly with professors and graduate students. 

MindCORE, short for Mind Center for Outreach, Research, and Education, unites researchers, programs, and initiatives involving human intelligence and behavior across Penn. The Undergraduate Summer Fellowship Program in Interdisciplinary Mind and Brain Studies provides a stipend that lets students work full-time with a faculty researcher for ten weeks, and present their findings at the end. We talked to undergrads who participated in the inaugural 2018 summer program about the experience and how it fits into their education and future plans.

To learn more about MindCORE and its summer fellowship program, click here