Inspiring Impact

At the close of the Power of Penn Arts & Sciences Campaign, we are bolder and bigger, with a more diverse, dynamic faculty and a student body engaged in research and knowledge-building across the social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Steven J. Fluharty, Dean and Thomas S. Gates, Jr. Professor of Psychology, Pharmacology, and Neuroscience

Lisa J. Godfrey

As a three-time graduate of Penn Arts & Sciences and a proud Penn parent, I’ve always been certain of the power of the liberal arts. The past several years have only served to strengthen my belief that the world needs critical thinkers and experimenters—people who can build bridges between communities, disciplines, and traditions. The success of the Power of Penn Arts & Sciences Campaign is testament to the enduring relevance of the liberal arts. 

Since we launched the campaign in 2018, I’ve been sharing opportunities for support and stories of success. Now that the campaign has concluded, I’m thrilled to share the tremendous impact that the gifts we received are already having and will continue to have on future generations of Penn Arts & Sciences students and faculty.

This is a moment of celebration and gratitude. Even as we look back, we continue to work toward the future. I am confident that our community will continue to learn, grow, and lead.

- Steven J. Fluharty Dean and Thomas S. Gates, Jr. Professor of Psychology, Pharmacology, and Neuroscience


Karen Kim, C’21; Herman Beavers, Julie Beren Platt and Marc E. Platt President’s Distinguished Professor of English and Africana Studies

Faculty Distinction and Student Potential 

Our faculty and students are what make Penn Arts & Sciences exceptional. Over the course of the campaign, new endowed professorships amplified the eminence and diversity of our faculty and academic leadership at all levels and across all disciplines, support for graduate fellowships swelled, and $113 million was added to the School’s undergraduate financial aid endowment.


Karen Goldberg, Vagelos Professor in Energy Research in the Department of Chemistry and Director of the Vagelos Institute for Energy Science and Technology, and Bernie Wang, C’21, E’21

Creating a Sustainable Planet

Energy research is being transformed through prominent faculty hires, the establishment of the Vagelos Institute, and plans for the construction of the new Vagelos Laboratory for Energy Science and Technology. Penn Arts & Sciences is a center for research, learning, and collaboration, drawing leading scientists and the students who will drive energy solutions in the future.


An event at Perry World House

Driving Global Change

Research, conversation, and debate at the newly endowed Andrea Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy and support for student fellowships at the Center for Ethnicity, Race, and Immigration are advancing knowledge on topics that matter deeply to our world. Both centers establish a community of researchers and critical thinkers that includes faculty and students, along with scholars, academics, analysts, and journalists around the world.


Adam Pines and Quentin Wedderburn, C’20, neuroscience graduate student

Harnessing the Power of the Brain

MindCORE received endowment and fellowship support, establishing itself as a hub for mind and brain research and the home of training for the next generation of scientists. MindCORE student fellows learn to pursue rigorous original research and, together with faculty from across the University, engage in interdisciplinary efforts to understand human intelligence and behavior.


Robin Barrow, doctoral candidate in history of art

Exploring the Human Experience

The newly endowed Wolf Humanities Center and Price Lab for Digital Humanities advance the liberal arts and support inquiry for faculty and students alike. They highlight the necessity of humanistic investigation and create space for cross-disciplinary conversations that deepen our understanding of history, art, and culture.