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  • Spring/Summer 2020

    In this issue of OMNIA, our cover story highlights an interdisciplinary program that is using collaborative teaching and learning to tackle the continuing challenge of climate change. We also examine how our faculty are navigating the new world of big data using mapping, how a legal scholar is fighting institutional child abuse, how a faculty-led excavation at a historic site in central Turkey led to important new discoveries, and why connecting students with math early on is critical for developing mathematicians-to-be. Also included is a special section focused on how Penn Arts & Sciences is responding and adapting to the COVID-19 crisis.

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    OMNIA Magazine: Spring/Summer 2020
  • Fall/Winter 2019

    In this issue of OMNIA, our cover story follows the career and community engagement of poet, musician, and literary scholar Herman Beavers, whose students work alongside local high schoolers and West Philadelphia residents to study the works of famous playwright August Wilson. We also examine political scientist Brendan O’Leary’s lifework, from aiding in peace negotiations in Northern Ireland to advising the Prime Minister of Kurdistan. Other features include: an exploration of an initiative that moves brain research out of the lab and into the community; a look at a small and select cohort of students committed to solving energy problems; a profile of a partnership which builds alliances to restore Indigenous knowledge; and a retrospective on David Rittenhouse Lab, the setting for myriad scientific breakthroughs since 1954.

    OMNIA Magazine: Fall/Winter 2019
  • Spring/Summer 2019

    In this issue of OMNIA, our cover story, “Creating a Powerhouse for Energy Solutions,” gives readers a tour of the trailblazing research and bold initiatives that define our commitment to creating a sustainable planet. We also follow along on a quest to catalogue hundreds of books once looted by the Nazis, and a philosophy professor's initiative that is opening young minds in the community to a new kind of philosophical thinking. Other features include: the story of an economics professor’s founding of, an examination of Fox Leadership International’s impact, a look into the unknown world of dark matter, and a check-in with alums to hear how an education from Penn Arts & Sciences helped them prepare for the industry of their choice.

    OMNIA Magazine: Spring/Summer 2019
  • Fall/Winter 2018

    In this issue of OMNIA, our cover story, “Widening the Lens On Language Study,” sees faculty examining language to unravel mysteries of culture, cognition, and communication. In “The Healing Word,” an anthropologist embeds herself in communities stricken by violence to chronicle the humanity revealed during the aftermath. Also featured in this issue: “The Stories We Tell,” in which undergraduates dig into archival records to reframe Penn’s historical ties to slavery; “Launching Liberal Arts Careers,” which sees Professional Women’s Alliance connects female students with accomplished alumnae; and “From Cityscape to Lab Space,” wherein researchers across Penn Arts and Sciences are learning from and in Philadelphia.

    OMNIA Magazine: Fall/Winter 2018
  • Spring/Summer 2018

    In this issue of OMNIA, our cover story, “A Virtual World for an Ancient Society,” explores a digital world that recreates and populates pre-Columbian agricultural societies. In “Prospecting Playbills,” we follow researchers as they create an archive of centuries-old playbills, and in "Breaking the Bank," an economist discusses the hot topic of cryptocurrency. It's all part of how Penn Arts and Sciences is using technology as a means to advance knowledge.

    OMNIA Magazine: Spring/Summer 2018
  • Fall/Winter 2017

    In this issue of OMNIA, our cover story, “Water, Water Everywhere,” focuses on our most basic need and universal challenge: water. This includes access to safe drinking water, warming oceans, and strong infrastructure and storm protection.

    In “Arts and Sciences in Action,” we cover the School's multi-pronged approach to issues within the global community. We also investigate the brain's natural GPS and how medieval manuscripts can be an educational tool on social media.

    OMNIA Magazine: Fall/Winter 2017
  • Spring/Summer 2017

    In this issue of OMNIA, our cover story, “Perception is Reality—and Virtual Reality,” focuses in on a visual technology that promises to have a significant impact on research and everyday life. In “The Past, Present, and Future of Human Migration" our experts tackle questions about immigration and global inequality. And our alum piece, “A Summer Like No Other,” features prior interns from the RealArts @ Penn program, who give us an idea of the kind of impact the program had on their lives and careers.

    OMNIA Magazine: Spring/Summer 2017
  • Fall/Winter 2016

    In this issue, Richard Berk uses big data to foresee the future, Arts and Sciences faculty discuss the fact, fiction, and future of artificial intelligence, and physicist Mark Devlin and his team of students harness cutting-edge technology to comb through the evolutionary history of the universe.

    OMNIA Magazine: Fall/Winter 2016
  • Spring/Summer 2016

    Featuring stories on pioneering primate research, a political technology firm started on Penn's campus, one professor's journey from film scholar to filmmaker, preserving indigenous languages, how our brains know where we are, and why we care about Shakespeare.

    OMNIA Magazine: Spring/Summer 2016
  • Fall/Winter 2015

    Featuring stories on managing a deluge of digital data, mass incarceration in the U.S., and the new Penn Program in the Environmental Humanities.

    OMNIA Magazine: Fall/Winter 2015
  • Spring/Summer 2015

    Featuring stories on childhood inequality, preserving the past in a war zone, young College alumni in action, and poverty's impact on brain development.

    Spring/Summer 2015