Watch and Learn (Video)

Penn physics demonstration videos inspire classroom curiosity.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Text by Blake Cole
Video by Penn Online Learning

Physics concepts come to life in a new series of videos released by the Department of Physics and Astronomy and Penn Online Learning. The collection covers a range of topics and includes both narrated and silent versions so teachers both inside and outside Penn can use them as an educational tool. The segments feature Bill Berner, previously a high school physics teacher, who has been a demonstration lab coordinator at the University for nearly 20 years.

“Our intention was to produce best-in-class explanations of physics concepts that are difficult to explain and to demonstrate in classroom settings through the use of our custom demonstration equipment and animations that let you see ‘inside’ of the demos,” says Larry Gladney, Associate Dean for the Natural Sciences, Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Professor for Faculty Excellence, and Professor of Physics and Astronomy. “That is to say, we visualize the physics by seeing the action on real objects but enhance the visualization by rendering the invisible parts, like electric and magnetic fields, as if you could see them in action.”

Watch the demonstrations from the beginning of the playlist: