U.S. Foreign Policy in a Trump Administration: A Three-Month Review (Video)

Political Science faculty assess U.S. foreign policy during the first 100 days.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Filmed and edited by Mayumi Hirtzek

Donald Trump campaigned on a vision of “America First,” heralding potentially significant changes in U.S. foreign policy. How much of that was rhetoric, and how much is likely to become reality?

In our April Knowledge by the Slice lunchtime series, a panel of faculty experts from the Department of Political Science assessed the first few months of the Trump administration and what they suggest about the present and future of U.S. foreign policy, from Asia to Europe to the Middle East and beyond.

Michael C. Horowitz, Associate Professor of Political Science, researches technology and global politics, military innovation, the role of leaders in international politics, and forecasting.

Avery Goldstein, David M. Knott Professor in Global Politics and International Relations, focuses on international relations, security studies, and Chinese politics.

Alex Weisiger, Associate Professor of Political Science, studies international politics, particularly decisions relating to the use of force and on the termination of conflict.

To watch the entire lecture including audience Q&A visit: https://vimeo.com/214216397