A Source of Inspiration (Video)

Sebastian Gonzalez, C’20, is a campus leader for first-generation students, a physics and astronomy major, and the principal tubist for the Penn Symphony Orchestra.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Video by Alex Schein

Sebastian Gonzalez, C’20, says that “oftentimes, when you’re a first-generation student, it feels like you don’t have a niche here on campus. But I want more students to be able to find that niche.” He’s found his place at Penn: in physics and astronomy lectures, particularly those that deal with astrophysics and dark matter; as a leader in Penn First, a group founded by first-generation, low-income students; and in the Penn Symphony Orchestra, where he’s the principal tubist. For Sebastian, the power of Penn Arts & Sciences is being part of exploring the great mysteries that physics has to offer and having the opportunity to pursue his interests in research and teaching.


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