Season Two of the OMNIA Podcast: In These Times

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Illustrations by Adriana Bellet

Logo Design by Drew Nealis

Go beyond the shorthand with OMNIA’s podcast series, In These Times. In season 2, Black Lives and the Call for Justice, we explore the nation’s complex history with race and pose challenging questions: Who controls the narrative about the U.S.? Have we moved beyond our history of enslavement and Jim Crow? In these times, knowledge is more important than ever.

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Episode 1 | The Largest Movement in History

A discussion on two defining events of the past year: last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests and the January 6 attack on the Capitol.


Episode 2 | Embedded in History

An examination of the laws and policies that legislated Black lives, movement, and security, and a consideration of the lasting impacts for systems including slavery and colonialism.


Episode 3 | Institutionalizing Racism

An exploration of topics ranging from urban inequality, racial residential segregation, policing procedures, juvenile detention, incarceration, and issues like implicit bias.


Episode 4 | National Myths and Monuments

Insights about the movement to reexamine monuments and the history and myths they symbolize, and how we should think about the artworks in our public squares.


Episode 5 | Environmental Justice and Race

A professor of English, a College senior, and a sociologist share their perspectives on what it means to live under a system of environmental racism, and how to move forward toward environmental justice.


Episode 6 | Repair, Part I

What comes next? In this episode, we talk to an undergrad and grad student about their research, how institutions have perpetuated racial hierarchies, and the work that remains.


Episode 7 | Repair, Part II

In this episode, we take a look at how the past reverberates through the present, and consider what justice looks like.


Special Episode | Atlanta and the History of Anti-Asian Violence

In the wake of the shooting in Atlanta, we discuss the history of anti-Asian racism in U.S. politics and culture, and the formation of the Asian American identity as an explicitly political act.