Penn Arts & Sciences Pathways: Marvin Morgan, C'21 (Video)

Marvin Morgan, C'21, is analyzing astrophysics data in the lab and setting records on the track.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Video by Camille DiBenedetto

Marvin Morgan, C'21, became interested in astrophysics as a child after visiting the Kennedy Space Station, where his uncle worked as a NASA engineer. Fourteen years later, he's assisting Robyn Sanderson, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy, by importing and analyzing data from the Gaia mission to understand how much dark matter is distributed in the Milky Way.

"In astrophysics, there's always something new just because of the vast size of the universe and how much we don't know. There's always room to learn something new or find something out that has never been discovered before."

Out of the lab, Morgan competes for Penn’s track team, and is a two-time Ivy League Champion and the University record-holder in the indoor 60-meter dash.

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