Penn Arts & Sciences Pathways: Ana Przybylowski, C'19 (Video)

Ana Przybylowski, C'19, came to Penn thinking she'd pursue a career in sports management, but her passion for the outdoors and wildlife put her on a new path as an earth and environmental science major.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Video by Alex Derrick

Ana Przybylowski, C'19, came to Penn with scholarships in business and an idea of pursuing a career in sports management. After taking an oceanography class, she realized her passion for earth and environmental science and a desire to work with animals and other wildlife. During her senior year, she's taken a Master of Environmental Studies (MES) class with Sally Willig, Lecturer and Advisor in the MES program, and has worked as a volunteer intern at the Philadelphia Zoo. 

"You can do anything with an earth and environmental science degree. Any kind of industry is going to have an environmental scientist because every industry has an impact on the environment."

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