Penn Arts & Sciences Pathways: Alyssa Cavazos, C'22

A summer research opporunity allowed Alyssa Cavazos, C'22, to broaden her interest in chemistry.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Video by Camille DiBenedetto

Growing up with the Everglades as her backyard, Alyssa Cavazos, C'22, was always fascinated by the world around her. She came to Penn knowing that she wanted to study biochemistry and learn more about interpreting natural science both physically and mathematically. Her work with Karen Goldberg, Vagelos Professor of Energy Research, and her mentor, Sophie Rubashkin, a Graduate Fellow in the Goldberg lab, though, opened her eyes to conceptual chemistry and working in a lab.

"I think that's really important with Penn--it's really fast paced, but you can also find something you enjoy, stay there, figure it out because you have people that are encouraging and motivating you as well as working with you or sometimes even challenging you. And those challenges really motivate you to keep doing what you're doing if you're very passionate about it."

Pathways is a student series from Penn Arts & Sciences that highlights the academic journey of students in the College of Arts & Sciences and the transformational moments that have shaped their intellectual experience.