Our Way of Seeing (Video)

Visual Studies majors put it all together.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

By Susan Ahlborn

How do we see? It’s a process that requires the physical equipment of our eyes and brain, but that also takes place in our minds. In Penn’s unique visual studies major, students learn about the science of vision, the philosophical considerations of seeing, and the history of how humans have used vision for cultural expression. Ultimately the goal is for students to bridge scientific and humanistic thinking, giving them an interdisciplinary mindset. Each major completes a senior project, including both a written research paper and a visual project, which is displayed at the end of the year. At the opening of this year’s show, we asked two of the students about their work.

Daniella Sakhai, C'15
ISIS, Inc.: Investigating Propaganda and Brand Strategy

Shakeil Greeley, C'15