OMNIA Podcast: The Politics of Climate Change (Audio)

Daniel Aldana Cohen, assistant professor of sociology, discusses how issues such as social inequality inform climate change policy.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Recorded and edited by Alex Schein

Daniel Aldana Cohen, assistant professor of sociology

The politics of climate change and the politics of social inequality, such as the right to affordable housing, are usually examined as two separate issues. For Daniel Aldana Cohen, assistant professor of sociology, these two movements intersect when examining efforts to reduce carbon emissions in urban areas. Cohen has conducted research in cities such as São Paulo and New York and argues that to be effective, climate policy needs to be equitable.

Besides his work as an academic, Cohen is also the co-host of a podcast on the politics of climate change called “Hot and Bothered". The show has featured prominent climate scientists, journalists, and activists such as Michael Mann, Naomi Klein, and Ken Henshaw.


(from left to right) Housing organizer outside City Hall in New York; Tent city set up by housing organizers outside the Mayor's offices in São Paulo; Daniel Aldana Cohen’s map for “Carboniferous” in “Nonstop Metropolis: A New York Atlas," R. Solnit and J. Jelly-Schapiro, 2016. Cartography: Molly Roy; artwork: Bette Burgoyne. Underlying data from Kevin Ummel, adapted from research he did for the Center for Global Development. Courtesy of University of California Press. Click here for full-size image.