Modeling the Diffusion of Military Technology (Video)

Joseph Gehler, C’19, aims to create a statistical model that portrays the spread of weapons capabilities.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Filmed by Alex Schein and Brooke Sietinsons
Edited by Brooke Sietinsons

Undergraduates in the College of Arts and Sciences reinforce the idea that students at any level can tackle complex issues with a fresh perspective. Students at Penn's annual Family Weekend were given the opportunity to participate in the College's Undergraduate Research Poster Presentation, where they presented on the topics they are most passionate about.

In his presentation, “Modeling the Diffusion of Military Technology,” Joseph Gehler, C’19, a student in the Biological Basis of Behavior Program, works to build a model that will include specific information about which military systems are moving, as well as their specifications. It has thus far painted a revealing picture of the global arms trade, illustrating that the rhetoric of many governments belies a far more nuanced approach to foreign policy.