Energy Future of Post-Fukushima Japan (Video)

Ome Laila Balkhi, C'17, examines Japan's energy policies following the Fukushima power plant disaster.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Filmed and edited by Brooke Sietinsons

This past December, the students of the course Environmental Case Studies, taught by Senior Lecturer Jane Dmochowski, held a class poster research conference during which each student presented on topics ranging from "Japan’s Evolving Energy Policies in a Post-Fukushima Disaster Context" to "Paving of the Trans-Amazonian Highway: The Road to Connection Makes Divisions." Ome Laila Balkhi, C'17, who presented on Japan's energy policies, examined causes and consequences of the Fukushima power plant disaster to determine future energy mix scenarios for Japan amidst growing public distrust and trade deficits.