60-Second Lectures: Spring 2018 Roundup (Video)

Faculty present minute-long talks on topics like "The French Enlightenment and Benjamin Franklin's University."

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Every spring and fall, Penn Arts and Sciences faculty present 60-second campus talks (rain or shine!), on topics ranging from human history and the knowable universe, to fractions and fly-fishing. Here, check out the four professors who took a minute of their time to participate in the spring 2018 60-Second Lecture series. 


Nikhil Anand, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
"Water Crisis"



Joan DeJean, Trustee Professor of French
"The French Enlightenment and Benjamin Franklin's University"




Kimberly Bowes, Associate Professor of Classical Studies
"Poverty and the Past"




Eric Schelter, Associate Professor Chemistry
"Scarcity and Sustainability: The Future of Rare, Precious, and Critical Metals"