60-Second Lectures: Fall 2021 Roundup (Video)

The 60-Second Lecture series returned to campus this fall and included 1.5 Minute Climate Lectures during Climate Week at Penn.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

The 60-Second Lectures have been a Penn Arts & Sciences tradition since 2003. This fall, the lecture series returned to its home on College Green for the first time in two years. As part of Climate Week at Penn, faculty from Penn Arts & Sciences and across the University united in a series of 1.5 Minute Climate Lectures on September 22, 2021, to sound the alarm about the climate emergency, to call for large-scale climate action, and to share a vision of constructive and comprehensive responses.

"Heads or Tails? Life Lessons From a Coin Flip"

Sudeep Bhatia, Assistant Professor of Psychology

"Double Binds and Oppression"

Sukaina Hirji, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

"Are We There Yet? Thoughts on COVID-19 and the Return to Campus and Classrooms"

Paul Sniegowski, Stephen A. Levin Family Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences and Professor of Biology

1.5* Minute Climate Lectures
The 1.5* Minute Climate Lectures returned to campus as part of Climate Week at Penn.

Presenters on September 22, 2021 included:
Susanna Berkouwer, Assistant Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy, The Wharton School
"Climate Policy Is Anti-Poverty Policy"

William W. Braham, Professor of Architecture and Director of the Master of Environmental Building Design and of the Center for Environmental Building + Design, Stuart Weitzman School of Design
"Ben Franklin and the Low-Carbon Economy"

Jane E. Dmochowski, Senior Lecturer of Earth and Environmental Sciences
"Climate Change: How Do We Measure Success?"

Kathleen Morrison, Sally and Alvin V. Shoemaker Professor of Anthropology
"Seeing Otherwise: The Liberatory Power of History"

Marsha Lester, Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
"Climate Change 2021: Where Do We Go From Here?"

Jared Farmer, Walter H. Annenberg Professor of History
"The Challenge of Long-Term Thinking"

Daniel Nothaft, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
"Giga-Scale Problems Require Giga-Scale Solutions"

Akira Rodriguez, Assistant Professor of Graduate City and Regional Planning, Stuart Weitzman School of Design
"Why We Need a Green New Deal for K-12 Schools"
*The maximum amount the average temperature can rise in order to avoid the worst consequences of global warming is 1.5°C. We’re already past 1°C.
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