Bonus Content

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Welcome to the bonus content section for the Spring/Summer 2017 edition of OMNIA magazine!


OMNIA Podcast: The Politics of Climate Change (Audio) 

Daniel Aldana Cohen, assistant professor of sociology, discusses how issues such as social inequality inform climate change policy.

The Stand at Standing Rock (Video)

Members of Penn’s Native American and Indigenous Studies community reflect on the historic gathering of tribal nations and grassroots movement known as #NODAPL.

60-Second Slam Lets Students and Faculty Show Their Work (Video)

During Alumni Weekend 2017, presenters provided quick, expert takes on topics ranging from 3-D models of galaxies to the history of animal nutrition science.


Immigration and Global Inequality (Video)

Three professors featured in “The Past, Present, and Future of Human Migration” gathered for a panel on the topic as part of Penn Arts and Sciences' continued commitment to promoting civil discourse. The annual BEN Talks NYC event was moderated by NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell, CW'67.

The 2016 Presidential Election: Interpreting the Polls (Audio)

John Lapinski, associate professor of political science, director of Penn’s Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies (PORES), and director of the National Elections Unit at NBC, provides a unique perspective on the 2016 presidential election. 

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If you enjoyed “Joshua Bennett: The Sobbing School,” check out the extended video interview with the poet and scholar, which includes excerpts from his poetry reading at Penn. Dr. Joshua Bennett's, (C'10) debut collection, "The Sobbing School"was selected by award-winning Filipino-born American poet Eugene Gloria in 2015 as a winner of the National Poetry Series. 

Grad Ben Talks Give Students a Chance to Shine (Video)

On Friday, March 17, Penn launched its newly created Grad Ben Talks with a day of TED Talk-style presentations by Arts and Sciences graduate students. Participants presented to an audience of undergraduates, faculty, staff, and fellow graduate students. A single winner was selected in each category by a panel of judges, and an Audience Choice winner was selected by audience members via votes submitted through an online polling service. 

Inglorious Comparisons

In February, the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures hosted Inglorious Comparisonsan events series intended to test the merit of comparisons between current political events and European history, asking whether they shed light on recent and ongoing developments or instead obfuscate or even trivialize them. 

Meaning in Materials

In partnership with the Philadelphia Museum of Art, History of Art graduate students participated in an object-based learning workshop. The grant allows students to explore these objects in workshops along with Penn professors, museum curators, and conservators.