A Public Classroom to Discuss Science and Race

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Public Classroom at Penn Museum. 

Photo courtesy of Penn Museum.

This fall, The Public Classroom @ Penn Museum’s “Science and Race: History, Use and Abuse” brought together more than two dozen internationally recognized experts from diverse backgrounds for a powerful, in-depth exploration of race, science, and justice, in a free series of evening classes geared to audiences ages 14 and above.

Each Science and Race class featured a panel of four to six experts. Discussions were presented through the lenses of anthropology, biology, genetics, sociology, philosophy, and law. Reading materials and other online resources were provided, including materials and age-appropriate teaching tools for use with younger children.

Penn’s Camra media program is developing an accompanying documentary on Science and Race, designed for middle school and older audiences, which will be available in 2017. To learn more about The Public Classroom @ Penn Museum and see the lectures and accompanying materials, visit: www.penn.museum/sites/pmclassroom