Stern, C’81, is Senior Vice President at 3E Public Relations and is a graduate of the College with a B.A. in Art History.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

By Erinn Carey


Amy Falk Stern, C'81

How has your liberal arts degree been influential throughout your career?

My liberal arts degree has helped me to become a better critical thinker. In addition, by exposing me to a variety of different disciplines, it's allowed me to be more flexible as I deal with clients across a wide array of disciplines. As a publicist responsible for securing high profile media on behalf of my clients, it's proven very helpful to have been exposed to a variety of subject matters. This has allowed me to advocate given a client mix that includes healthcare, finance, pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, food, franchise and medical devices.

What is the value of the Penn network, and how has it played a role in your career?

I took an eight year hiatus after my first child was born. After multiple interviews, the job I landed at a national travel publication was specifically because the owner saw Penn on my resume. Her comment to me at the time was, “It doesn't matter to me how long you've been out of the workforce, you went to Penn, so you must have a brain in your head!" I was hired on the spot.

What advice would you give students at the College who are trying to decide what career path to pursue?

It's okay to try and find a general direction in which to go, but don't view it as a forever path. Things change, be open to them and ultimately you'll find where you were meant to fit. I love what I do every day and never even planned to enter the field of public relations, while in college or even 10-years post. Public relations found me because of my skill set.

What was your favorite course in the College and why?

Ancient Egyptian Art with Dr. Irene Winter. I was captivated by her enthusiasm and the connection between contemporary issues of the day and how they impacted artistic expression that we viewed thousands of years after they were created.

Any additional comments on the value of your Penn education?

Coming from a semi-rural area in Western New Jersey, I found the vibrancy of Penn's campus infectious. I especially loved the fact that I could learn about art history in books, but then had at my fingertips, tangible resources like the Anthropology Museum at Penn and the Philadelphia Art Museum. I interned at both institutions as well as the Rosenbach Museum and Library and loved every minute of it. While I had many friends that rarely went downtown, for me it was a wonderful resource culturally, socially and academically.