Penn Arts & Sciences Pathways: Timethius Terrell, C'24 (VIDEO)

Timethius Terrell, a psychology major with a joint minor in legal studies and history, pursues his aspirations of becoming a “scholar activist.”

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Video by Kyla Goodman

After transferring to Penn from Emory University, Timethius Terrell, C’24, decided to major in psychology with a joint minor in legal studies and history in order to pursue his aspirations of becoming a “scholar activist.” Terrell is the founder of a nonprofit organization Divulge Alliance, a social justice organization that encourages intercultural ally-ship by facilitating dialogue between people of different communities.

“We have majors, we have concentrations, but really my interest is diversity, inclusion, social justice," says Terrell. "Psychology is really understanding how people think when it comes to these sorts of thingshow we think alone, how we think in groups. And law [is understanding] the implications in our country, what that means for policy. I'm sort of trying to frame myself as a scholar activist, so I want to bring those things together to have the background that I need and really know the people I need to know in order to actually make an impact.”

Since coming to Penn, Terrell has found a home at the Greenfield Intercultural Center (GIC), which he says has provided him a space for making new connections and given him the support he's needed to continue his work with Divulge Alliance.

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