OMNIA Photo Essay: Hopes and Dreams for 2018

We ask Arts and Sciences students and staff about their hopes for the new year.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Interviews by Amber Grier

Photos by Annemarie Branco 

Khalil Jones, C’18 | Major: Communications and Consumer Psychology  

"I have a personal training business with my brothers and we would like to train more people under our brand Triyo Fitness. We really want to help the Penn community with love, health, and fitness. We call it “Lit and Fit,” because it’s a fun time while you’re also walking outside and exercising. We make it into a social thing, so we also run free boot camps on campus for students. My goal is to instill a sense, or desire, of fun for health and fitness for people so that they can have an overall well-being."

Sarah Garcia, C'21 | Major: Undecided/Economics 

"My hopes and dreams for this year is to figure out where I am going.  I’m a freshman and undecided, however, I would like to know where I am going in life.   I am interested in Economics now, but I would like to make a more social impact.  So, I’m kind of looking for new opportunities that can help me make a decision or explore different fields that I may want to get into.  I also would like to get involved in more clubs, meet new people, go abroad next semester, and become fluent in Spanish."


Daniel Fradin, C'19 | Major: English and Cinema Studies 

"I am looking forward to completing my English major and writing a lot more, and I plan on completing a screenplay before the end of the year." 

Claire Shoyer, C'19 | Major: Communications  

"I am looking forward to Hey Day and becoming a senior. I am also excited about attending the Bi-Annual Dodge Poetry in Newark. It's this October. I have to wait every other year for that, so  I'm excited about going."


Libby Saylor | Program Coordinator, History of Art Department   

“I am actually an artist and have a background in arts, so even though I have a day job, I always try to do my creative work on the side. Of course, that doesn't always happen. But this month, I started doing some new collages and it's feeling really good and I want to keep the creative flow going [in 2018]."