Inspiring Community - Spring/Summer 2023

Highlighting Penn Arts & Sciences Alums

Spring/Summer 2023

Alums Advise Students on Career Paths

College alums continue to help students investigate career possibilities through the College Alumni Mentoring Series (CAMS), with events both virtual and on campus. Themes this semester have included entertainment and media; public health and healthcare consulting; and marketing and brand management. Alums share their stories and answer all sorts of student questions about how their liberal arts education has supported their careers.


Alum mentors (from left) Kristy Willard, C’13, Dana McCurdy Hibbard, C’06, Catherine Clair Williams, C’08, and Basil Jackson, C’16.

Brooke Sietinsons


(From left) Alix Rogers, C’07; A. Melissa Lopez, C’99, D’02, GED’02; Karen Murphy, C’96; Eliza Hart, C’92; and Abby Kortz, C’03, at the PWA by the Bay event.

David Hill


PWA from Philly to San Francisco

Eight alums returned to campus for the spring Professional Women’s Alliance (PWA) Roundtable, an opportunity for students to learn about the wide variety of career paths possible with a liberal arts degree and to build their networks. In April, PWA held its first satellite event in San Francisco, giving professionally engaged College alums in the area a chance to get together and network.


(From left) Ambassador Council members Amanda Lewis, C’99, PJ Lewis, C’99, and Ted Fentin, C’95, with Penn Arts & Sciences Director of Global Alumni Engagement Kathe Archibald, second from right.

Chris Farina


Ambassador Council Goes (Penn) Forward

Members of the Arts & Sciences Ambassador Council were on hand for President Liz Magill’s Penn Forward event in Los Angeles this winter. Across the United States and in London, Penn Forward gave alums, parents, and friends the chance to meet Magill and connect with Penn and each other. 




Penn Arts & Sciences at Work 

Penn Arts & Sciences at Work is a photoblog series that highlights College alums in their workplaces as they reflect on how and why their careers took shape. 

To see more, visit Penn Arts & Sciences at Work.

Sonie Guseh Osagie, C’10

Courtesy of Sonie Guseh Osagie


Sonie Guseh Osagie, C’10

Senior Director of Strategy and Operations, CNBC
English Major, Hispanic Studies Minor
San Francisco, CA

“I was always interested in journalism and media, but I didn’t realize how complex media organizations are and how there are so many different platforms for content and different ways to contribute to this industry.”