2019 Grad Ben Talks (Video)

Penn Arts and Sciences graduate students present on myriad topics in TED Talks fashion.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Recently, Penn Arts and Sciences presented the 2019 Grad Ben Talks: an afternoon of TED Talks-style presentations by graduate students representing the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Professional Master’s programs.

Judges selected winners in each of the four categories. There was also an Audience Choice Winner selected by online votes.

Students presented on topics ranging from quantum materials to automation. You can watch the winning presentations below or click here to see the complete video collection of 2019 Grad Ben Talks.


Lorena Levano, Behavioral and Decision Sciences - "Sexual Harassment in High Schools From a Social Norms Perspective"
Winner: Audience Choice

Gregory Callaghan, Ancient History - "If You Can't Walk the Walk, Then Talk the Talk: Status and International Relations in the Hellenistic World"
Winner: Humanties

Paul Masih Das, Physics and Astronomy - "Quantum Materials: Making Smartphones 'Cool' Again"
Winner: Natural Sciences

Yun Cha, Sociology - "Who do Graduate Degree Holders Marry? How the Separation of Advanced Degrees Affects Our Understanding of Trends in Educational Homogamy"
Winner: Social Sciences

Connor Joyce, Masters of Behavioral and Decision Sciences - "To Fear or Not to Fear Automation: A Review of Research Covering Artificial Intelligence's Effect on Work"
Winner: Professional Masters