2018 Grad Ben Talks (Video)

An afternoon of TED Talk-style presentations by Penn Arts and Sciences graduate students.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Filmed by Mayumi Hirtzel

Edited by Annemarie Branco

Recently, Penn Arts and Sciences presented the 2018 Grad Ben Talks: an afternoon of TED Talk-style presentations by graduate students representing the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Professional Master’s programs.

Judges selected winners in each of the four categories. There was also an Audience Choice Winner selected by online votes.

Watch the winning presentations below or click here to see the complete video collection of 2018 Grad Ben Talks. 

Kendra Grimmett, Ph.D. Candidate, History of Art - "Looking at Art with Your Body in Mind"
Winner: Humanities

Kieran Dunne, Ph.D. Student, Earth and Environmental Science - "Mud and the Shape of Rivers"
Winner: Natural Sciences

Rebecca Umbach, Ph.D. Student, Criminology - "Aggression and Sleep: A Daylight Saving Time Quasi-Experiment"
Winner: Social Sciences

Patrick Osei, Master of Applied Geosciences - "Groundwater Contamination in Obuasi, Ghana"
Winner: Professional Masters

Garrett Meccariello and Tobias Nasgarde, Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences - "The Marketer's Antagonist: Leveraging Behavioral Science to Reduce Unnecessary Spending Behavior in Cashless Environments"
Winner: Audience Choice