Students Honored as 2022 Dean’s Scholars

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Penn Arts & Sciences has named 20 students from the College of Arts & Sciences, the College of Liberal & Professional Studies, and the Graduate Division as 2022 Dean’s Scholars. This honor is presented annually to students who exhibit exceptional academic performance and intellectual promise. This year’s awardees include nine undergraduates from the College, nine in the Graduate Division, and one student each from the LPS undergraduate and graduate programs.


College of Arts & Sciences

Kennedy Crowder, C’22, English
Nicolas Fonseca, C’22, Comparative Literature, Latin American and Latinx Studies
Arnav Lal, C’23, Biophysics, Biology, Philosophy, Physics
Michele Caroline Meline, C’22, G’22, Biochemistry, Biophysics
Sarah Payne, C’22, Linguistics, Computer Science
Mira Potter-Schwartz, C’22, Economics
Jonathan Szeto, C’22, Earth Sciences, Political Science
Nicholas Thomas-Lewis, C’22, Cognitive Science, Health and Societies
Adam Zheleznyak, C’22, G’22, Mathematics

College of Liberal & Professional Studies – Undergraduate Program

Nancy Makale, LPS’22, Political Science

Professional Master’s Programs

Akshay Venkatesh, LPS’22, Chemical Sciences

Graduate Division – Doctoral Programs

Véronique Charles, Comparative Literature
Max Johnson Dugan, Religious Studies
Allison Nicole Dunatchik, Demography, Sociology
Mehrafshan G. Jafari, Chemistry
Nikola Golubović, Classical Studies
Kate Nicole Hoffman, Philosophy
Amber Gabrielle Mackey, Political Science
Brigid Prial, History and Sociology of Science
Xincheng Qiu, Economics