Q and A: Pope Francis’ First Year

Associate Professor of Sociology Melissa Wilde discusses the Pontiff's impact one year after his election.

Friday, March 28, 2014

By Blake Cole

March 13, 2014 marked the first anniversary of Pope Francis’ election. Many consider the 266th Pontiff’s style of communication and messaging a marked contrast to recent Popes. We sat down with Associate Professor of Sociology Melissa Wilde to discuss his impact thus far.

How would you define Pope Francis’ first year?

How does Pope Francis’ style of leadership compare to his predecessors?

You were featured in a New York Times story meant to predict the 266th Pope. Talk us through your process.

What issues are most important to Pope Francis?

Do Pope Francis’ public statements on social issues have practical implications?

Was the election of Pope Francis influenced by public opinion?

There has been talk of a new Vatican Council. What is the likelihood of this happening?