Student Archive

  • Emily Davis, an undergraduate in the Biological Basis of Behavior Program, investigates sleep deprivation and its effects on memory.

  • Doctoral student Mara-Cecilia Ostfeld investigates Latino voter identity.

  • Senior Kirby Dixon interns with the animation team at Nickelodeon.

  • Doctoral candidate Gretchen Stanton improves efficiency in reactions.

  • Graduate student Arielle Kuperberg explores the impact of motherhood on graduate education for women.

  • Penn physics students share their stories of being on-hand for the discovery of the Higgs boson.

  • Senior Autumn Patterson Travels the Globe in Preparation for a Career in Foreign Service.

  • History of Art graduate student Alex Kauffman weighs in on the controversial Barnes museum.

  • Samy Belfer uses worms to help understand gender-specific sleep tendencies.

  • Graduating senior Arielle Spellun sheds light on some of nature’s most accomplished artists.

  • Graduate student Brad Dober works to map out the night sky.

  • Doctoral student Beth Blum examines a new take on the self-help genre.

  • Undergraduate student James Sadler investigates successful area high schools.

  • Grad student combines chemistry and classics.

  • Smaller portions may explain the “French paradox" of rich foods and a svelte population.

  • Boris Zinshteyn, C'09, was a science fair champ in high school, but his many awards didn't prepare him for the remarkable accomplishment he would achieve after just one year at Penn. During his sophomore year, Zinshteyn, a student in the Vagelos Scholars Program in the Molecular Life Sciences, co-authored a paper published in Science, one of the world's most prestigious scientific journals.

    "It's very nice to know that your research is important," says Zinshteyn with modesty that belies the significance of the paper's findings on the subject of RNA editing.

  • Images inspire essays in Paul Hendrickson’s creative writing course

  • Anthropology major Abby Seldin curates groundbreaking exhibit on Lenape Nation in Pennsylvania.

  • Undergraduate Kojo Minta explores the forces behind human trafficking in Africa.

  • College student Yoni Gruskin heads organization that advocates for fiscal responsibility in the government.