• Listening to Cyborgs (Video)

    Doctoral candidates Roksana Filipowska and Maria Murphy create a series of workshops that explore sound technologies and their impact on our daily lives.

  • The Process of Playwriting (Video)

    Michael Lobman, C'17, the 2015-16 Penn Plays Fellowship Winner for his original play "Mirrors," discusses writing for theatre versus screenwriting.

  • Presidential Primary Season: What We've Learned and What to Expect (Video)

    A panel of professors from the Department of Political Science discuss voting behavior and the nuances of the election process.

  • Super Bowl 50: Justifying Partiality (Video)

    Ahead of the big game, we spoke with Errol Lord, assistant professor of philosophy, about the rationale behind fandom.

  • Honing Their Research (Video)

    From heart valves to vapor deposition, Sharika Bamezai, C'18, and Eric Chen, C'18, ENG'17, present their research at the College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibit.

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 30 Years Later (Audio)

    In a special podcast, we speak with Camille Zubrinsky Charles, Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Term Professor in the Social Sciences, professor of sociology, Africana Studies, and education, and Director of the Center for Africana Studies, about the holiday and the progression of social movements like Black Lives Matter.