• Social Q's

    Social scientist Jere Behrman gives an inside look at his work outside the classroom.

  • In ‘Toon with the Weather

    Grad student Roger Turner explores the surprising connection between comic books, military training and the TV weather report.

  • Baboon Metaphysics: The Evolution of Social Mind

    Biologist Dorothy Cheney and psychologist Robert Seyfarth explore the intelligence underlying baboons' social organization.

  • Beautiful Mind

    Undergraduate Rebecca Sternschein traces the brain circuitry of art appreciation.

  • Political Underground Railroad

    A new book by historian Steven Hahn takes up the hidden history of African American politics and the politics of writing history.

  • Obama and the World

    Penn political science faculty members weigh in on the new president’s challenges and opportunities for U.S. foreign policy.

  • Textual Spaces

    Undergraduate Brooke Palmieri curates exhibit about the places in which we read.

  • Echoes of the Presidential Past

    American historian Bruce Kuklick shares his thoughts on this inaugural moment.

  • Beyond the Classroom

    College of Arts and Sciences students discuss their research projects at the 2008 Family Weekend Research Poster Session.

  • Election Q&A with Don Kettl

    Political scientist Don Kettl answers questions about the candidates' experience and the challenges they face.

  • Picking Up Pieces of the Puzzle

    Cosmologist Mark Devlin builds a telescope that floats to the edge of space.

  • In My Words and Songs I Will Love

    English professor Charles Bernstein publishes book of selected poems.