• Three Questions: The Haunting Hour

    Justin McDaniel, professor and chair of religious studies and the coordinator of the Penn Ghost Project, weighs in on the cultural importance of ghosts and provides a few tips for local ghost hunters.

  • Office Artifacts: David Barnes

    We visited the associate professor of history and sociology of science to discover the stories behind his favorite office items.

  • OMNIA Podcast: Tribute to Hilary Putnam, C’48, HON’85 (Audio)

    Professors of Philosophy Gary Hatfield, Scott Weinstein, and Daniel Singer discuss the influential scholar’s legacy in their field and his unique connection with Penn as scholar and alumnus.

  • Summer Reading List

    My summer reading focuses on the visual culture and spaces generated by the enslavement and freedom of descendants of Africa.

  • Office Artifacts

    Featuring Ralph Rosen, Vartan Gregorian Professor in the Humanities

  • Three Questions: Islam in the Modern World

    Featuring: Jamal J. Elias

  • Origin Stories: Mark Trodden (Video)

    Welcome to Origin Stories, a new feature of Omnia where we highlight the journeys of members of our faculty as they followed their paths from impressionable young students to world-class scholars working at the cutting edge of their fields.

    Our series begins, fittingly, with the Big Bang.

  • Intelligent Design in the Classroom: Kitzmiller v. Dover, 10 Years Later (Audio)

    In a special podcast, we spoke with professors Michael Weisberg and Paul Sniegowski about their experience with the case—and whether public attitudes on evolution have changed—as well as lead counsel and Penn Law graduate Eric Rothschild and presiding judge John E. Jones III.

  • Super Bowl 50: Justifying Partiality (Video)

    Ahead of the big game, we spoke with Errol Lord, assistant professor of philosophy, about the rationale behind fandom.

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 30 Years Later (Audio)

    In a special podcast, we speak with Camille Zubrinsky Charles, Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Term Professor in the Social Sciences, professor of sociology, Africana Studies, and education, and Director of the Center for Africana Studies, about the holiday and the progression of social movements like Black Lives Matter.